Unguided Elk Hunts & Drop Camps

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Semi-Guided / Self Guided – Rifle, Archery, and Muzzleloader Hunts From our Comfortable Base Camp

This is the most popular hunt we have:

We offer semi-guided hunts during Rifle, Archery, and Blackpowder seasons from our base camp. This hunt includes meals, lodging, game packing from the kill site, and some directions as to how to hunt the area and where to start. You don’t need to worry about keeping camp, cooking or cleaning dishes! We take care of that for you so all you need to do is hunt. There is no minimum group size requirement so come on your own or bring your hunting buddies. You can bring your atv or arrange for a rental on this hunt. This camp can be used to hunt any of the areas in unit 62 or unit 61, however we can only pack game in the permit area which is over 200 square miles in each unit. Call for a description of the unit 61 area if you draw a tag.


12 x 15 Sleeping tents with electric lighting and propane space heaters

Hot showers in our shower trailer

Comfy Outhouse

18 x 35 Dining tent for meals and kicking back after a long days hunt

Solar electric powered camp with generator back-up. (We can accommodate CPAP units.)


Hot Breakfasts, sack lunches, Hearty Dinners

Game Packing



  • Archery      7 Day Package 5 Days Of Hunting    $2,200    Few openings left.
  • Rifle             7 Day Package 5 Days Of Hunting    $2,600    Few openings left.

Unit 62 ATV Drop Camps on the Uncompahgre Plateau near Montrose / Delta Colorado

We will pack your personal gear and food into our drop camp area on an ATV only trail.  You will be provided sleeping quarters with cots and a complete kitchen for cooking your meals. You will supply your own food and are responsible for cooking and keeping camp. We have a radio system for checking in every night. If you are successful we will pack your game out from camp. You are responsible for packing it into camp and taking care of the meat. We do not mix groups in the drop camps, only your hunters will be in the camp. Atv’s will not be left in camp.  We provide transportation into and out of the atv camps. We can accommodate 1 – 4 or more hunters comfortably in these camps.

These are good areas and your chance of success depends on your hunting abilities.

Archery -over the counter either sex Elk Tags

Muzzleloader – draw 2-3 pts. Bull Tag / 0 pts. Cow Tag

7 Day Archery Package 5 Days Of Hunting

Rifle 1st season (elk only draw 1 point required)

Rifle 2nd combo Elk over the counter / Deer (draw 2-3pts.)

7 Day Rifle Package 5 Days Of Hunting

Western Colorado Outfitters is a Permittee on the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forest / US Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management and is an equal opportunity service provider.

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